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Why Don’t Women Leave?

Leslie Morgan Steiner corrects misconceptions many people hold about women who are victims of Domestic Violence in this powerful TEDtalk. Steiner was in "crazy love" -- that is, madly in love with a man who...

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Spread the word!

Speak Out 4 Kids needs everyone to be the voice for our children. Here you can download our posters to paste up in places around the community or share with your friends, family and neighbours!…

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What Children Need - our help to Speak Out

Children Need us to Speak Out

Children who are exposed to Domestic Violence need to know that things can change and that the violence can end. Children need our help. We as a community can speak out. Hope for the future….

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Speak Out 4 Kids

Speak Out 4 Kids aims to address, educate and respond to the issue of Domestic Violence within the Macleay Valley. Speak Out 4 Kids recognises the need for public education and awareness-raising campaigns to focus…

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Impact on Children

Exposure to Domestic Violence and its impact on children has been associated with a variety of problems in their development including: Emotional problems: crying, anxiety and sadness; repressed feelings of fear, anger, guilt and confusion…

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Forms of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is usually a pattern of behaviour aimed at controlling the victim. However, in some circumstances it may be an incident of physical violence in response to the other person’s ongoing patterns of power…

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A Child’s Experience

Children can experience Domestic Violence in different ways: They can get be harmed directly or may get caught between a fight or by trying to protect the victim of abuse (like their mother, sibling or…

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Women On the Verge

Women On the Verge is an 8 week program providing support, information and encouragement for women dealing with the effects of Domestic and Family Violence. Participants benefit from a safe and supportive environment with experienced facilitators. The…

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Resilience in Children

We know that early intervention leads to the most successful outcomes for children. By focusing on resilience, all of us can make a crucial contribution to the ongoing success and wellbeing of our children. What…

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