Speak Out 4 Kids

Aboriginal Experience

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women are significantly over-represented in statistics of domestic and family violence victimisation. Because of the large amount of violence that is perpetrated against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, their children are exposed...

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Trauma and Children

Repeated exposure to violence can result in the development of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in young children. PTSD is a stress disorder which can develop in children as a result of directly experiencing, witnessing or…

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Macleay Bunting Project!

The Macleay Speak Out 4 Kids Bunting Project is a participatory art project that seeks to creatively engage with Macleay Valley community to speak out and help support the most vulnerable victims of Domestic Violence…

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Through Their Eyes

This short film is part of a project from the Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico that educates and informs families about the short and long term effects on of domestic violence on children and...

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NAPCAN Growing Respect Program

The rationale for fostering respectful relationships among children and young people is clear. Many children and young people are exposed to, and influenced by violence in relationships and families, and violence-supportive attitudes, norms, and relations…

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Project Overview

Young people know if there is violence in their family, even if their parents try to hide it. Parents often believe that their children don’t know what’s going on because the violence happens at night, or behind closed doors, or while the children were outside or away from home.

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