Kiddy Katz Therapy Group

Kiddy Katz Therapy group is an 8 week program run during each school term for children aged 5-7yrs old who have been impacted by domestic violence and/or sexual assault but are no longer living in an unsafe environment.

Play and Art Therapy provides children with an opportunity to express themselves through play or creative art work.  This group focuses on the latest neurodevelopment research and how trauma affects the developing brain of children. With this in mind the activities are designed to promote neural pathways that assist in building resilience in children. 

The program is run on Monday 1pm-2.30pm during school terms. Children will be collected from school by group facilitators and returned to school in time for pick-up or to catch the bus.

For bookings and referrals, call 02 6563 1588 or send an email to

Comments children have made about the group:

 “I really like it when you play games with me.”

“I will miss you and I will be sad when it finishes”

Comments parents have made about their child after attending the group:

“I want her to keep attending because she is easier to live with when she is going to kids club”

“…all they do is talk about the games and how much fun they have”