Women On the Verge

Women On the Verge is an 8 week program providing support, information and encouragement for women dealing with the effects of Domestic and Family Violence.

Participants benefit from a safe and supportive environment with experienced facilitators. The Women On the Verge program covers:

• domestic and family violence behaviours
• the impact of domestic and family violence on women and their children.

and how to:

• develop safety strategies.
• reduce stress and utilise mindfulness techniques to support relaxation.
• promote confidence, self-esteem and empowerment.
• identify positive life choices and become ‘the expert in their own life’.

Women On the Verge is now run on Thursday mornings from 10am – 12.30pm during school terms. Transport can be arranged if required. Morning tea provided.

For bookings and referrals, call 02 6563 1588 or send an email to so4k@kempseyfamilies.org.au

Comments women have made about attending the group:

“I am more confident and happy with myself.”

“my relationship with myself and my children has improved.”

“I learnt to like myself and be assertive, not aggressive.”

“it’s not my fault”

Group activities can be a way of building confidence, self-esteem, help informal support networks develop and enable women to learn skills that will be of help in their lives. Women On the Verge is a program where women can explore alternatives in lifestyle and life goals. An atmosphere of respect, safety, and empathy rekindles the resiliency, strength, and inventiveness of women who have coped in relationships that are demeaning and, in some instances, life-threatening.